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  • A commercial electrician handles far different jobs than a residential one.

    Commercial Electricians Vs. Residential: What’s the Difference?

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    For one thing, scale.  Commercial electricians specialize in working on diverse buildings such as offices, industrial facilities, and even factories.  Commercial electrical work  often requires a different level of licensure because the work often involves higher voltage than residential projects do.

    One thing that a licensed commercial electrician can do is maintenance.   Obviously a large industrial building or factory complex requires almost constant work done on it.  However, sometimes commercial projects are a lot smaller and simpler.  One of the things that businesses need is signage.  A lighted business sign give you one of the cheapest forms of advertising after hours.  In addition, speaking of after hours, a commercial electrician can install a security system including cameras, an alarm system, motion detectors, and  monitoring systems as well as wiring control rooms.  One of the most important jobs of a commercial electrician is code compliance and helping businesses with electrical safety.

    Commercial Electricians and Electrical Safety

    Businesses have far different safety concerns than a residential customer does.  For one, commercial properties have to carry liability insurance, and have way more codes to comply to than someone installing a ceiling fan or putting in a chandelier.  For example, all wires must be hidden, either up in a false ceiling or within the walls.  A wire running open is a potential fire risk, and if it doesn’t have a cover over it, can be a trip hazard, which could mean a lawsuit for a business.  Commercial electricians can help to prevent this.  In addition, if there is an electrical fire because a business decided to try to fix it themselves, not only could they be in trouble with a potential lawsuit, they could be fined by city, county, and even state level government.

    Any electrical contractor knows what to do with wiring and what not.  However, if you have a business or are starting one one up, you will to make sure your business has its needs met.  You need to get on the phone to the one professional who can help: a licensed commercial electrician.

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