• One of the many things that a residential electrician can help you with is by installing track lighting.  Track lighting is one of the design trends that is very popular.

    Why Use Track Lighting?

    Image Courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/freedigitalphotos.net

    Image Courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/freedigitalphotos.net

    Track lighting  has two main strengths over most other types of lighting. First, track lighting allows flexibility with your home’s lighting as moving your fixtures requires very little effort.  Second, track lighting can also be targeted.  A residential electrical contractor knows how and most importantly where to install track lighting for maximum effect

    Track lighting focuses light on particular areas of your home, such as a light reflecting wall, a painting or sculpture, or an alcove.  Track lighting can also be used for accent lighting as well. In fact, this was the original reason that track lighting was created.

    Where to Put Track Lighting

    Because track lighting serves as a spotlight, it’s a good idea to put it where it will have the most impact.  This will allow  you  to illuminate  artwork or architectural details. It highlights the details and draws the eye.  You can also use it to create a focal point.  However, there is another trick you can use with track lighting.

    If you have a gloss white ceiling, or you wish to highlight color, turn your track lighting rack’s fixtures toward the ceiling to create a rich bank of ambient lighting. The reflected light from the fixtures both emphasizes your ceiling and also brings another light source to your room.

    The kitchen is another place to put track lighting. It allows you to light up the range, a kitchen island, the sink, or wherever you need some more light.  One thing to remember with track lighting is that since it is ceiling mounted, to be sure get a light bulb like an LED, a long lasting incandescent,  or CFL or you will be climbing up and down ladders a lot to replace bulbs.

    When in doubt, consult various design sources.  One of the best sources to consult is your local residential electrician in
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