• Your residential electrician can help you install accent lighting.  Why?  It is amazing how it can transform your home…

    Accent Lighting: Call Your Electrician Contractor

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    Combining both  track lighting and accent lighting transforms a room like a living room into an art gallery.  If you have prints or paintings, track lighting highlights it.  Besides having a electrician contractor install the best fixtures, make sure that halogen lights are used, as it gives you a more accurate representation of the color of both your paint and the colors present in any artwork.  In addition,  wood floors and frames shine under halogen.  As to accent light, maybe get an antique lamp but have it rewired with a modern fixture that will let you use LED bulbs or soft white compact fluorescent bulbs.  However, you may want to go for another look.

    Wall-mounted accent lighting includes objects like sconces. Sconces or wall-mounted light fixtures installed by an electrician are very versatile examples of track lighting.  One trick you can do with sconces is to install them in pairs to help define the focal point of the room you’re putting them in. Accent lighting, however, serves other purposes as well.

    Your Residential Electrician and Why You Should Use Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting helps a room to have a bit of character without overpowering the room with light.  Even in a home, too much light equals light pollution, just as it does in a city.  For example, sometimes for more intimate gatherings, such as after dinner, accent lighting is the perfect balance between too dark and too light.

    If you install dimmer switches, you can raise or lower the light level of a room at will.  If you have a home theater, this is a perfect touch and makes your home your own private cinema.  So as you hopefully see, accent lighting is more than sconces and light bulbs.  Your residential electrician has several ideas like this, so give him a call.


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