• Electricians always operate with safety in mind.  Why?  Well without safety, electricity can be very dangerous…

    Basic Electrical Safety and Why It Matters

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    Even though there are entire libraries out there dedicated to electrical safety, and hundreds of websites many by electrical contractors, sometimes people still make critical mistakes with electricity.  One of our clients shared a story with us awhile back.  His name is Scott, and he read up on electrical work, so he thought he had a firm grasp on what to do.

    He wanted to install a ceiling fan.  A fairly simple job, or so Scott thought.  He turned off the main power for his house, made all the connections, then he turned the power back on, and flipped the switch.  The light switch sparked, and Scott was faced with an electrical fire.  To his credit, he didn’t panic.  He didn’t try to extinguish the fire with water, used a fire extinguisher, and then once he was sure it was safe, called us in.

    Turns out that Scott bought some wire that was of a different gauge than his ceiling fan because it was cheaper.  We fixed his ceiling fan, and warned him never to pinch pennies on wiring.  Scott agreed, rather ruefully, and went about fixing the burn mark on his wall.  In a way though, he was lucky.

    Electrician Contractors: Electrical Safety is a Mission Directive

    Gabriel is another of our customers.  Like Scott, he was a do it yourself type, and didn’t think he needed an electrician.  He didn’t tighten the screws properly on a light switch, and got a mild electric shock when he flipped the switch.  Considering that electrical injury is a very serious problem annually, he got off fairly lucky.  He could have ended up in the hospital or even have been killed.  Are we exaggerating?

    Not at all.  We hear stories like Scott’s and Gabriel’s all the time.  People think that by simply reading a book or visiting a website, they know the ins and outs of electricity.  We understand too well about saving money.  However, you have to give some thought to this.  Is it better to save money on the surface, only to cause damage or injury later? Or is it better to just call in a professional electrician from the beginning and save yourself a lot of trouble later?

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