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    Electrician Contractor Licensing

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    In each and every state, there are comparable requirements to be a licensed electrician. In Arizona, The Arizona Registrar of Contractors oversees licensing for the entire state. Electricians fall under the category of contractors.

    The Registar of Contractors issues a separate license for a residential electrician, as well as for commercial work.  Each discipine has its own requirements to get a license.  In addition to a  license, however, there is also a financial obligation.  For an electrician to operate, he must have a surety bond based on the amount of business he expects to do.  Arizona contractor bonds range from $2500 to $105,000, but some applicants will need to post a $200,000 bond just  for residential electrical work.

    Electrical Safety

    As to how this applies to electrical safety, at least a third of the questions on the electrician exam are directly tied to safety.  An electrician has to know what gauge of wire to use in each case, the maximum load on each gauge, and not to mix and match either gauges or metals.  Aluminum and copper wire together is a bad idea as it can cause a chemical reaction that leads to an electrical fire or electrocution.

    Sometimes, homeowners get into a lot of trouble with electrical work.  They forget to tighten one screw on a switch, or forget to turn off the power for the house when doing electrical work.  The least that can happen?  The lights will flicker.  Yes but there is a worst case scenario here.  If you cross a wire, you may be on the phone to a paramedic, or the fire department because of the dangers of electrical discharge.  All of which could have been avoided by calling in an electrician contractor.

    As to why people do things themselves.  A lot of time, it is because of the illusion of saving money.  Economic times are tough, but unless you know what you’re doing, you may end up spending more in repairs than you would have if you had just called in a professional before.  Someone who is aware of electrical safety and has the licenses to back it up.  A professional electrician in Chandler.

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