• A residential electrician can help you to save money on your electrical bill.  Did you know that residential lighting is one of the biggest parts of your electric bill? Residential lighting is usually fifteen percent of your bill.  How can you reduce this chunk of the pie?

    Install Dimmer Switches

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    If you install a dimmer switch it is one  way of reducing your usage, while adding to your home.   In fact, they can help to add to the ambiance of your home, with soft light when and where you want it. Although dimmers create soft mood lighting, they also reduce consumption, and ultimately lower your utility bills. Based on it’s lightbulb wattage, a permanent light fixture uses a certain amount of power.

    Taking an average of a dozen or so light fixtures in a three bedroom home, you can kind of see why this can jack your utility bill way up. Having an electrician in Chandler install dimmer switches help you control just how much electricity your light fixtures use. They replace flip-switches, and usually are  a dial or sliding bar control. Adjusting the control adjusts the output on the fixture, so it can use less wattage, and thus save you money.

    Install a Dimmer Switch and Watch the Savings

    The amount of energy saved with dimmer switches varies greatly.  Sometimes, you can get comparable results with a CFL bulb (compact fluorescent bulb).  You may want to do your research, or better yet, consult an expert, namely a residential electrician.

    Dimmer switches aren’t for everyone. But there are a lot of other ways that an electrician can help you save money on your power bill.  Installing energy efficient appliances is another way to save money.  Electricians wear a lot of hats, and are up on all the latest trends.

    Home improvements involving lighting should never be attempted by amateurs.  So hire the right person:  a residential electrician in Chandler, AZ.

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