• As any electrician knows, energy efficiency is  something that is on a lot of people’s minds nowadays.  Why?  How we use energy is going to be one of the defining issues of this century.

    How Your Electrician Can Help

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    Whatever side you are on in the ongoing debate about climate change and the environment in general, there is no debating the fact that we are becoming more and more dependent upon energy.  In the developed world, electricity is being used for more and more purposes.  From tablet PCs to home networks, the modern home is wired to a degree that has never been seen.  With increased demand, the price for electricity is also going up, and with the rising costs, the need for energy efficiency is also increasing.  With that said, who do you think does the wiring for these energy efficient homes?  Your local electrician, obviously.  However, wiring a home is only one of the jobs that such a professional can do.

    Did you know that by simply installing dimmer switches can help you save money on your electric bill? Residential lighting makes up about 15 percent of  your monthly electric bill. Dimmer switches reduce your electricity usage and save energy  as well, all without sacrificing comfort. Although dimmer switches create mood lighting, they also help manage consumption, and ultimately lower your utility bills.  And with skyrocketing energy costs, every little bit helps.

    Electrical Upgrades: Now is The Time

    Fossil fuel reserves such as coal, natural gas, and oil are rapidly being depleted all over the world.  Hydroelectric power in Arizona is starting to decline because of drought.  While alternative energy methods such as solar, tidal power, and wind are making inroads, there’s still a long way to go.  As demand on electrical grids increase, so do the prices.  Electricians will be in high demand as consumers scramble to find ways to save money on high electric bills.

    Don’t lose hope however.  We have a lot of serious problems ahead of us in the years to come, but we are an inventive and ingenious society.  As such, there are solutions out there.  And your electrician may be the one to help you find them.

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