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  • Part two of a three part series explores some more fun facts about electricity from your Chandler electrician. First off, let’s talk about electricity in nature…

    Electricity Info from Your Neighborhood Electrician

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    Did you know that a bolt of lighting lasts less than a second but it can deliver a charge of up to 3,000,000 volts?  Shocking, we know! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a bit of electrician humor).

    Did you know that static electricity can carry a charge of up to 3,000 volts? We did, but we are electrical contractors, so um, well?  Makes you a little more reluctant to shuffle your feet on the carpet to shock your cousin now, doesn’t it?

    Your Electrician’s Blast from the Past

    Did you know that both watts and volts were named after people who contributed in some way to energy?  The watt is named for James Watt, one of the inventors of the steam engine, and the volt is named for Allesandro Volta, who invented one of the earliest batteries. Hmm, as electrical contractors, we hope he didn’t have pennies in his pocket at each terminal…

    Did you know that there may have been a battery invented more than 1000 years before Allesandro Volta?  The Baghdad Battery may have been a primitive battery used to electroplate items, and may have even been capable of being re-charged.  Good thing, because it would be a LONG time before a hardware store opened that carried them…

    We knew a lot of this stuff, but then again, we’re electricians, so we kind of have to.  Anyways, we hope you enjoyed part two of Electrical Fun Facts.  Part three is coming up, so be sure to come on back and check it out.
    It’s all part of the service from your local electrician.

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