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    An electrician works with electricity on a daily basis, but then again, so do you, just in a different way.  A lot of people take electrical power for granted, so here are some fun facts for you to think about regarding electricity.

    Fun Electrical Facts From Your Electrical Contractor:  Speed it Up!

    An electrical contractor learns about the speed of electricity as part of his training.  Here are some fun facts about the speed of electricity.

    • Most people don’t know that electricity is fast, traveling 186,000 miles per second.  To give you an idea how fast that is, if you could travel as fast as electricity, you could go around the world at least seven times in the same amount of time as turning on a light switch.  Whoa! no more long lines at the airport.
    • The moon is roughly 235,000 miles away from Earth.  If you had a light switch in your bedroom connected to a light bulb on the moon, there would be a slight delay between when you flipped the switch and when the light came on…of slightly more than a second.

    An Electrician’s Guide to a ‘Shocking’ World

    There is a lot of electrical misinformation as any electrician in Chandler can tell you.

    • Surprisingly, it was not Benjamin Franklin who invented electricity.  That was actually Thales of Miteus in Ancient Greece, who discovered static electricity.  Benjamin Franklin actually proved that lightning is a form of electrical energy.  As he conducted it via a form of wire, that would make him one of the first electricians.
    • Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb either, that was actually Humphrey Davy.  Thomas Edison just  invented a light bulb that stayed on for more than twenty seconds.  While he didn’t invent the light bulb, Edison did event things that are still used today, such as fuses, switches, power sockets, and meters.
    • An electric eel is basically a swimming battery, with its head the positive terminal and its tail the negative terminal.  Contrary to popular myth, an electric eel’s discharge is not universally fatal to people unlucky enough to find one, most people could survive one discharge.  Multiple discharges however, could be fatal.

    Part two of this series will explore even more fun facts, so stay tuned and thanks for reading from your residential electrician in Chandler

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