• Electrical troubleshooting is something that you would be wise to call a professional in for.  The reason is that if you attempt to do it yourself, you run the risk of severe electrical injury. And electrical injury is a serious problem. Of all electrical injuries, burns are the most common shock related injuries.

    Call an Electrician and Don’t Be a Statistic

    Electrical-Injuries-One Good Reason to Hire An Electrical Contractor

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    According to this report from OSHA,

    Shock-related injuries include burns, internal injuries, and injuries due to involuntary muscle contractions. The most common shock-related injury is a burn. Burns suffered in electrical incidents may be one or more of the following three types:

    Electrical burns cause tissue damage, and are the result of heat generated by the flow of electric current through the body. Electrical burns are one of the most serious injuries you can receive and should be given immediate attention.

    High temperatures near the body produced by an electric arc or explosion cause arc or flash burns. They should also be attended to promptly.

    Thermal contact burns occur when skin comes in contact with overheated electric equipment, or when clothing is ignited in an electrical incident.

    To read more of this report, please visit OSHA’s site [HERE].  As if these burns weren’t bad enough, there is also involuntary muscle contractions and other health problems that can be caused by accidental electrical contact.  Electrical injuries are just one reason why you want to call an Arizona electrician rather than endangering yourself and others.  There is also the danger of fire.

    An Electrician Can Also Help You Avoid Fire

    It all starts out so innocently. You do a ceiling fan installation, you think you follow the instructions carefully, and you turn it on, then you hear a pop and smell an ozone smell. You get annoyed, then panicked.

    A little electrical troubleshooting could have prevented this, or better yet, if you had a professional install your ceiling fan. What started out as a simple household project ends up with you sitting outside while the firetruck pulls away, and call friends and family for somewhere to stay until you can get your insurance to remove the smoke damage.

    All of which could have been avoided by calling in a licensed electrician contractor.

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