• Circuit Breaker Tripping

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    Electricians are busy people.   They install new wiring and put in fixtures.  They can help you with energy efficient lighting, and home theater installation.  The most notable thing that electricians do, however, is repairing electrical problems, like when a breaker is tripping.

    Causes of Breaker Tripping

    First off, be aware that breakers are in place for your safety.  Breakers protect both the wiring and your house as well.  So if you have a tripping breaker, don’t just discount it, pay attention, and call an electrician ASAP.

    Loose electrical connections are one of the most common culprits where tripping breakers are concerned.  A good rule of thumb is to reset the breaker one time, and one time only.  Do not just keep resetting the switch and hope that the problem will go away on it’s own.  The tripping breaker is a message and it is trying to tell you something.  An electrical contractor would need to be called in to fix it to keep you and your home safe.

    Why Do I Need an Electrician For a Tripped Breaker?

    Tripped breakers can result as a result of loose wires, or maybe because of a system wide brownout or blackout.  Electrical storms can also trip your circuit breakers too.  However, while the power grid and the storm related causes are easily determined, loose wiring is a bit more serious.  Remember, you aren’t just dealing with wires.  You’re dealing with the electricity that goes through them as well, and the connections may be high-voltage and high amperage as well.   One mistake, and  you increase the chances of an electrical injury or a fire. An electrician takes electrical safety very seriously.

    What to Watch Out For With Breaker Tripping

    After a breaker has tripped, lightly tough the panel.  Breakers should not feel hot to the touch. If it is hot, it indicates a serious problem and should not to be ignored.  Do not turn on the breaker.  You could blow every circuit in your  home.  Instead, call in an electrician as soon as possible.