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  • Electrician Projects Part 3: Home Theater Lighting

    In part three of a three part series, this article will explore home theater lighting that an electrician can install for you.   In part one we covered home theater installation itself, and in part two we covered installation of a home theater surround sound system.

    An Electrician and Home Theater Lighting

    Home Theater Lighting

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    First off, when you’re getting lighting put in, ambiance is key.  You want the ability to dim the lights with a remote or a strategically placed switch, just like in a regular movie theater.  The key is to create the illusion that people are watching a movie at the cinema, not just at your home.  A professional electrical contractor would easily be able to accomplish this effect.

    Accent Lighting and an Electrical Contractor

    Any electrical contractor that’s properly licensed and certified would be able to install accent lighting, with varying capabilities to dim the lights in your home theater room.  The reason the lights are dimmed in a theater is a nod to cinema’s classic stage roots.  With the lights lowered, the audience instantly focused on what was happening on the stage, and as a rule were quieter and more attentive.  The tradition carried over into the movie theaters, and ultimately to your home theater system.

    Movie Time: Getting an Electrician for your Home Theater Lighting

    When the lights go down, and the opening credits begin, there is something kind of magical about watching a movie, especially if you are doing it in the company of friends and family.  With a slider switch, you can reduce the lights down to pitch black, with only the light of your big screen plasma TV to light the room.  You can watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or the quiet personal film that makes you smile.  Whatever your taste in movies, your professional electrician can help deliver them to your home, by installing a home theater system with a surround sound stereo, and the right accent lighting.

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