• Electrician Projects Part 1: Home Theater Installation

    An electrician can do much more than merely fixing a problem, he may also improve  your home in surprising ways.  Part one of a three part series will explore some of these other projects.  First off though, what is a home theater?

    A Home Theater and an Electrician’s Help

    According to this Wikipedia article:

    Home cinema, also commonly called home theater, refers to home entertainment systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood, with the help of video and audio equipment in or outside a private home.

    Home Theater Installation

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    In the 1950s, playing home movies became popular in the United States as Kodak 8 mm film projector equipment became more affordable. The development of multi-channel audio systems and later LaserDisc in the 1980s created a new paradigm for home video. In the early to mid-1990s, a typical home cinema in the United States would have a LaserDisc or VHS player fed to a large rear-projection television set. Some people were using expensive front projectors in a darkened viewing room.

    Install a Home Theater: Why You Should Get an Electrical Contractor

    To read more of this article about home theater, please click here.    An electrician is the best person to install a home theater system.

    Why You Should Get an Electrician to Install Your Home Theater

    A lot of people will attempt to do it themselves, however, a lot of times there’s a lot of attic time involved, and it is very easy to cross wires.  Picture it, if you will. You get a new release.  Something filled with explosions, spaceships, and huge robots, and every other minute,  you hear a speaker buzz.  Instead of enjoying the movie, you’re probably using language you probably don’t want your kids to learn.  An electrician would be easily capable of installing a home theater system.

    Home theaters are like a lot of specialty items.  They run the gamut from simple and cheap to elaborate and expensive.  What’s more a home theater is extremely customizable.  If you want to install a home theater, call in the only expert you’ll need: an experienced electrical contractor.

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