• Steps to Install a Ceiling Fan

    Ceiling fan installation can be done even where there is an existing light fixture.  First off, an electrician would install a support brace.  Modern ceiling fans can be put in older homes with a lower ceiling, about 8 feet up, or in vaulted ceilings, fourteen or more feet from the floor.

    Ceiling Fan Installation

    Before you try to do a ceiling fan installation, read all of the instructions carefully.  Be sure to wear protective equipment such as safety glasses and a dust mask.

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    Be aware that ceiling fans may weigh a significant amount, so be sure to use proper lifting techniques.  It may even be better to call in an electrical contractor for your ceiling fan installation as they are pros at this sort of thing.

    Ceiling Fan Installation and Electrical Safety

    Call in an electrician to turn off the power to the circuit that the ceiling fan will be connected to. It’s best to get an electrician to do this as they can easily find the proper fuse or circuit during the ceiling fan installation.

    The Final Steps of Ceiling Fan Installation

    The electrician will remove the existing light fixture as well as the electrical box. If the existing hole needs to be expanded, the electrician can do it at any time during the ceiling fan installation process.  After the ceiling fan installation is complete, the electrician will also test it.

    Ceiling fan installation is a good home improvement project for your home.  Ceiling fans help to reduce your air conditioning bills significantly because of air circulation.  In short your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

    Make no mistake, getting a ceiling fan put in is not as easy as it may seem.  There is the physical component of it, and the electrical component as well.  The safest and most successful way to install a ceiling fan is with the help of an electrician.

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