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  • A Commercial Electrician and Your Business

    A professional electric contractor in Phoenix takes notice of both the usual business electrical activity as well as anything at all that’s unusual. This attention to detail is important before any changes or repairs are done to avoid short circuits or electrical malfunctions.

    Avoiding Danger By Getting a Commercial Electrician

    Take some additional precautions as well before you do any electrical work. Even though you will likely not need it, have a fire extinguisher nearby, for example. An electrical fire should never be extinguished with water. Water is an excellent electrical conductor. You could find yourself being electrocuted while you’re trying to put out a fire. In the business word, there is often a tendency to have cross-functionality. You simply don’t have that option with electricity. Always respect electricity and know full well the task you’re doing if you are choosing to do any projects where it’s involved or contact a qualified commercial electrical contractor. Any qualified electrician can easily spot the warning signs of electrical danger.

    As any electrician contractor can tell you, any activity that’s out of the ordinary could indicate problems within the wiring in your business. Short circuits often show up in the form of devices that shut off without a reason or flickering lights. Electrical outlets are the first place that you should look for shorts. Loose wires you can take care of yourself, however, always make sure you turn the power off prior to doing any electrical work. Tighten the wire nut in the outlet and it’s likely the problem’s been fixed. If there’s still a problem present, you may find you have a problem within a device or a circuit. If you have a circuit breaker shut off for no apparent reason, it can be another sign of a short circuit. Finding a short on a circuit is merely a matter of unplugging every electrical device and plugging them back in one by one. If your breaker is still active, by process of elimination, you can determine where the problem is.

    Diagnosis of a Problem and a Commercial Electric Contractor

    For shorts in electrical devices, remove the casing and look for damaged wiring. If you find damaged wires, remove them with a soldering iron. Heat up the solder until it melts, and then remove the wires. When adding a new wire, make sure you cut enough to do the repair plus a little more. Using a wire stripper, take off the insulation from both ends of the wire. One inch of insulation removed from each end of the wire is a good figure to shoot for. With your soldering iron attach the new wire. Short term fixes should remain short term, in other words, don’t make them last. Electrical tape is often used for fixes of this sort, however, a lot of people leave the electrical tape in place thinking that it’s working. However, electrical tape, however, is not a durable material and can degrade after a while as any commercial electrical contractor in Phoenix would tell you.

    While some repairs are not that serious, electrical repairs require an additional level of care. So know your stuff, and know your limitations. When in doubt, touch bases with a qualified professional. Namely, a licensed commercial electrical contractor.