• Finding a Phoenix Electrician for Your Residential Needs

    A Phoenix electrician can help you with many things in your home. You might be building a new home and need it completely wired. You may already have wiring in your home and need a new ceiling fan installed, or outside lighting installed in your yard. Maybe you are experiencing problems with electricity and need a Phoenix electrician to troubleshoot and suggest solutions.

    Electrical Disturbances

    A common problem people sometimes have with their electricity is that the power dips, sags, or goes out altogether. These fluctuations are caused by low voltage periods or no power.

    Sometimes when you turn an appliance on, the power may sag because it is using the current to power up. Power outages are generally caused by weather, the power company, or one or more short circuits.

    Outages, dips, and sags in the power should not be ignored because they can damage your appliances and equipment such as computers, televisions, telephones, microwave ovens, etc.

    You can contact a Phoenix electrician and ask them about installing a UPS unit; the letters are an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply. These units are designed to improve the flow of electricity into your home by filtering out these dip and sag disturbances. They also have battery backup in the case of a total outage, but they will only operate for so long based on the amount of power in the battery.

    Phoenix Electricians Deal With Spikes and Surges

    Another problem often experienced with electricity is that of surges and spikes. These are caused by extra voltage. They also have the ability to destroy appliances and electronic devices. Some things known to create spikes or surges include power tools, air conditioners, or storms. A Phoenix electrician such as Dodge electric can install surge protectors to protect your expensive electronics and appliances from these voltage spikes.

    When you have electrical problems of any kind in your home, keep in mind that electricity in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous or even deadly thing. The experts at Dodge Electric are prepared to handle your electric needs in the Phoenix area, so you don’t have to risk a mishap that might cost you money or possibly a serious injury.