• Electrical Troubleshooting in Phoenix

    When things go wrong electrically in your home or office, it’s time for electrical troubleshooting in Phoenix. Here are some common problems that may require attention when it comes to electricity in the Phoenix Arizona area.

    Electrical Troubleshooting in Phoenix

    1. One of the first things to check is breakers and GFI outlets. First try resetting all the breakers in the panel box, then reset all the GFIs because it is possible one has tripped somewhere.

    2. A licensed Phoenix electrician can check for a bad connection that may exist between what isn’t working and things nearby that are functioning fine.

    3. If 1 and 2 don’t produce results, the breaker may need replacing and neutral connections may need to be checked in the panel box.

    4. Sometimes it is not a problem of appliances or other items not working at all. Instead they may be dimming, flickering, or blinking; then again power may be coming and going at whim. An electrician will check connections between troubled and working items. They may also check the voltage at the main breaker terminals and the sub-main breaker at the time the flickering or blinking occurs.

    5. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a bulb issue. If you have a recessed light fixture that goes on and off every so often, it may be the type with a built-in safety feature that is designed to keep the fixture from overheating. This is most often caused by using the incorrect wattage of light bulb, or the insulation in the ceiling space may be touching the fixture. A repair is as simple as replacing the bulb with one of the proper wattage or adjusting the insulation.

    6. If you detect a fishy odor around a light switch or electrical receptacle, don’t discard the aroma as last night’s tuna casserole. This fishy smell can be an indicator of serious damage to an electrical device. In this situation, you are best advised to switch the power off to the appliance and contact your Phoenix electrician Dodge Electric for assistance.

    Electrical troubleshooting in Phoenix may be a simple task or it may require the skills of a trained and knowledgeable electrician. Be safe when it comes to working around electricity; if you aren’t trained in electrical safety or wiring, Dodge Electric is your Phoenix electrical contractor for new wiring, troubleshooting, and repairs.