• How a Phoenix Electrician Protects Your Safety

    Illegal Electrical Work

    One of the most important aspects of the electrical trade is following proper safety procedures. Serious injury and possibly even death can occur as a result of accidents involving electricity. Here’s some food for thought on how a Phoenix electrician protects your safety and well-being.

    All it involves is a simple phone call to find out if an electrical contractor in Phoenix is properly licensed to perform work in the Phoenix area. You could also visit the registrar of contractors website to check the license status of any contractor.  Many homeowners are unaware that uninspected electrical work or electrical work that is performed illegally can void their homeowner’s insurance policy. That’s a costly risk to take when it comes down to how a Phoenix electrician protects your safety.

    Improper Wiring

    Don’t assume that because there is no spark or fire at the time wiring is installed that the risk of fire or other electrical hazard is not an issue. How a Phoenix electrician protects your safety is by properly installing wiring and abiding by all national, state, and local electrical codes.

    Many times, a fire occurs later, perhaps when you are asleep or away from the residence. You don’t want to place your family or property at risk simply to save a few dollars by performing electrical work you aren’t properly trained for or hiring an unlicensed or inexperienced person to do the work.

    A Phoenix Electrician Has To Know Electrical Codes

    The building and electrical codes exist for a reason, and that is to protect both people and property. How a Phoenix electrician protects your safety is by not only learning the codes as they exist, but also keeping up with any and all updates and changes as they occur. Codes are continually developed and updated to improve safety and protection.

    The trained and knowledgeable professionals at Dodge Electric are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You can rest easy knowing you, your family, and your property will be safe when we perform electrical work for you. In the Phoenix and surrounding area, call Dodge Electric when you need any type of electrical work; commercial, industrial, or residential. New installation, troubleshooting, and repair are all a part of the services we offer our clients.