• Bright Tips For Installing Light Fixtures In Your Home

    One way to dramatically impact the feeling of a room in your home is to change the lighting. A simple change in indoor lighting fixtures has a dramatic result in the look of a room. Lighting concerns aren’t usually at the top of the list when it comes to design considerations for a home. In most cases, homeowners tend to under budget for indoor lighting fixtures and lights.

    indoor lighting electricianEasy tricks with indoor lighting installation can make a huge difference in a room.  There are really three types of lighting in a home or business. The way a room is to be used is the primary factor for deciding on the amount of light for a space.  In the kitchen or an office area, more light for tasks is required than say a bedroom area or living space might need. The type of lighting fixture utilized can have a very dramatic effect on any indoor environment. Here are some tips you can use to help improve the look of your home or business space.

    Indoor Lighting Fixture Tips:.

    1. A floor lamp placed in just the right position with a low voltage bulb can help brighten dark corner areas.
    2. Consider the color. Halogen lights are suitable for day and night in a house.  They generate light that looks more natural.  Incandescent lighting can look great in the evenings but not so great in the daytime.
    3. Use glass or a shade of some kind to help diffuse light from wall sconces.
    4. To create a feeling of candlelight and create a warm quality, several light bulbs now are available with an amber filament. These are great for use in a floor lamp near a couch or chair because you aren’t blinded by the light when you look up at it and they don’t tend to generate any glare.
    5. One way to accent artwork or furniture is to install recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can be used to enhance decorative elements or create atmospheric effects in a room.can improve almost any design, accentuating key aspects like art and furniture. These are very useful to add as decorative and atmospheric elements and generally improve any room.
    6. For beautifying the exterior of your home or business, under lighting organic elements like bushes, trees and landscaping components.  You can even point lights on exterior plants that help to light the interior of your space.  This tip can create a unique lighting effect inside.
    7. Using frosted white light bulbs in a restroom can help to limit the amount of glare.  In bathrooms, try not to use lighting fixtures that have exposed light bulbs.

    Proper indoor lighting installation can make small spaces appear larger. It can enhance the beauty of any space and help to bring out elements of a room that you want to showcase.  Dodge Electric specializes in all aspect of interior lighting installation and design. Whether you have an existing room to remodel or a new construction project to light, call us for a free consultation regarding your indoor lighting installation. Understanding what options are available and which options make the most sense will help you enjoy your space even more. Call us at 480-926-1033.