• What if you could consistently lower your Phoenix electric bill month after month.  Think of the money saved and how that money could be put to use instead of spending it powering your home.

    Well now there’s a way you can slash your power costs by installing a Watts Now ESD.  What’s that you ask?

    The Watts Now ESD saves you money right away.  The ESD in the name stands for energy saving device.  In an environmentally friendly way, the Watts Now ESD reduces electricity demand from the power company.  In some cases, up to 25% less energy is required; substantially reducing your electric bills.  Often the cost of the equipment installation is recouped in a short span of time.

    Besides providing surge protection for your home or business, it helps appliances run smoother and cooler.  The unit carries a 5 years warranty and installs quickly and easily.  Call us today to start saving money on your electric bills tomorrow.  We’ll come out to assess you current power demands and educate you on how a Watts Now ESD can work with your home or business. 480-926-1033