• Ceiling Fans Save You Money

    Ceiling Fan Installation Serves Many Purposes

    In Arizona, a ceiling fan is pretty common given the temperatures in the summer. But did you know installing a ceiling fan in Phoenix doesn’t just keep you cool in the summer, it can help lower your heating costs in the winter too.
    You know that little switch on your ceiling fan that reverses the direction of the fan? Well as cooler temperatures approach, it’s time to flip the switch and turn that fan that’s kept you cool all summer into a fan that will warm you all winter.

    As warm air rises, a ceiling fan rotating properly helps to circulate the warm back down to the floor thereby increasing the temperature of the room. An increase in room temperature means you can dial your thermostat down a little and save money.

    Phoenix Ceiling Fan Installer Here To Serve

    If the ceiling fans in your Phoenix area home or business are outdated or not working, we need to hear from you.  Installing ceiling fans in Phoenix to circulate the air and keep you comfortable begins with a quick phone call.  We’re your Phoenix ceiling fan installation expert. We can install a fan you’ve purchased or we can provide you with a ceiling fan to suit your taste and decor…there are so many options! Call today for a ceiling fan installation or replacement estimate today. 480-926-1033.