• Do you want to improve interior lighting in your home?  Then you need to call an electrician in Mesa to help.

    Why Do You Need an Electrician To Improve Your Lighting?

    We are Your Residential Electrician in Mesa | 480-926-1033

    We are Your Residential Electricians in Mesa | 480-926-1033

    Lighting isn’t as easy as you might think.  First off, you have to consider whether you want to get LED lighting, use CFL bulbs, or LED bulbs.  Next,  good lighting is based on where it’s placed.

    Alcove lighting or accent lighting is great for adding to a home’s ambiance, but it is all but worthless for reading.  A lamp placed in the wrong spot can glare on your television when you are trying to watch it.  A residential electrician in Mesa can not only help with interior lighting installation, he can help with placement too. But another role that an electrician can play is that of a lighting consultant.

    Which Type of Lighting Should  You Install In Your Home?

    Which type of lighting should you install in your home?  It depends on a few factors.  Are  you going to use indirect lighting, such as reflecting the light off a wall or ceiling?  Or are  you going to have direct lighting such as a floor lamp?

    Tract lighting is great for kitchens, or areas where you want to highlight areas of wall space, but it is not a good idea in the bathroom or bedroom as a rule.  A chandelier is beautiful in a high-vaulted entry foyer, or in a room with a lot of ceiling space, but not so good in a bedroom.  LED lighting conversions save you a fortune on your electric bill every year, however, they also require a residential electrician to install them as they are directly wired into your home’s wiring system.

    Regardless of the lighting choice you make, you want to have an electrician involved from the beginning.  The problem with do it yourself solutions is that if you’re not careful, you can cause electrical injury or even a fire.  Simply mixing the wrong type of wire can cause a time bomb to start ticking.  This was a big problem in the 70’s.  People would mix aluminum and copper wiring which caused a chemical reaction.

    So when you improve your interior lighting, do it the safe way.  Either be 100% sure that you have the correct wiring, your power panel can support it, you know the procedure of how to install it, or that you know one other key piece of information: the number of a licensed electrician in Mesa.


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